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Demystifying Moon Myths


MAR 13



Why is the establishment so desperate to dupe the world with fake moon landings? What do they gain from this grandiose and absurdly exorbitant deception?


"Israel counts by the moon and resembles the moon." [1]

In the kiddush levana liturgy (sanctification of the moon), we Jews declare for milennia: "Just as I leap toward you but cannot touch you, so may all my enemies be unable to touch me harmfully."

The Amalekite deceivers have assumed the role of predator class, mortal enemies of our people and of humanity. The only way they can eliminate humanity is by first destroying G-d's firstborn, the Children of Israel. But how? G-d's eternal people are untouchable and indestructible, are we not?

The only way Jews are vulnerable to Haman is if we willfully bow before him and accept his ascendancy [2]. Only we can deem ourselves vulnerable to the Hamanite predator.

So the Hamans are hard-pressed to create and perpetuate the illusion that they succeeded in "leaping toward" and "touching" the moon. Their logic: when a Jew accepts this false narrative, he unwittingly declares his enemies capable of touching him harmfully -- יוכלו כל אויבי לנגוע בי לרעה" Heaven forfend.

However, the reality is that no false narrative can render us vulnerable to these despicable mortal foes. As He has done repeatedly throughout history, G-d Almighty will deliver us from their hands.

Moreover, the moon-landing mythology -- even if it were in fact achievable or had actually been achieved -- does NOT mean that our enemies could ever succeed in "touching us harmfully." [3]

The only possibility for genocidal predators to rear their ugly heads is when we "benefit from the feast of that evil one" [4], i.e. when we feel protected and gratified by the pagan government and their wicked ruling class. When we blindly believe in their wildly unsubstantiated myths, like the alleged successes of their "public health policies" and the boastful achievements of NASA's fanciful space exploits, etc., we risk falling into the lethal trap of trusting these vile criminals and mistakenly thinking that we are safe in their hands. This is the same nearly fatal error that Jews made in Shushan when they partook in Ahasueros' feast. And THAT is how Haman succeeded in hatching his eugenicist plot against our ancestors.

Here we are some 2,370 years later. Will we learn the lesson for history when it's staring us in the face?

On this Shabbat Hachodesh, we read the commandment to sanctify the New Moon [5] -- Israel resembles the moon and counts to the moon -- as a prelude to our exodus. Let us renew our trust in G-d Almighty and reject trust in human beings, their tall stories, their banks, and their "experts." Let us demonstrate once and for all that we are truly ready for redemption.

Let's reaffirm what our ancestors declared for millennia: "Just as we leap toward you but cannot touch you, so may all our enemies be unable to touch us harmfully." Amen.


[1] Sukkah 29a

[2] Esther 3:2

[3] See Rebbe’s talk on 11 Av, Shabbos Parshas Vo’eschanan (Nachamu) 5729, printed in Toras Menachem, volume 2, page 15. See also the Rebbe’s letter from May 8, 1961

[4] Megilah 12a

[5] Exodus 12:2

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